Tuesday, July 10, 2007


Yeah, so its been a while... But at any rate...

I was heading to check my email the other day and I see this advertisement about lowering your blood pressure. Something that is connected to some headphones that plays some tones, which the user is supposed to match his/her breathing to. It has some type of measuring tool that matches the users breathing first and then gradually helps them to slow their breathing rate down using the tones. So I started just slowing my breathing down just to see how it would effective I could be without the device. Not that I got high blood pressure, but I just figure, if I can get my breathing down to 7 inhales and exhales per minute without this device, why would anybody in their right mind pay for it? But this wasnt my revelation. My revelation was smoking. I felt like I was smoking. And it dawned on me that this is why people say that smoking relaxes them and calms their nerves, even though all the stuff inside of the cigarettes cause all types of problems in the body and do every thing but calm you. Its the breathing. Its the extended exhaling of the smoke that slows the heart rate, relaxes the walls of all the passageways that you blood is flowing through and, overall, decreases the blood pressure. You breathe long enough like that while laying down and you'll be sleep in no time.

Maybe Im making a connection here that really isnt but it makes logical since for the first time to me. I could never understand why people smoke or what the reason was behind it - why they smoke it when they get anxious, nervous, scared, etc. While I will never do it, I can finally understand how some people say somethin so deadly makes them feel so good. On the other hand, I aint a huge fan of getting lung cancer so, I'll just stick to breathing in oxygen.