Thursday, September 25, 2008

McGangsta?!? Not whassup.

Everytime I see something like this I get upset. Maybe I shouldnt be, but I am. Some of you will understand, others wont.

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Why go to college when you can get money?

Here we have a kid who has found a work around to having to go to college for one year before going to the NBA. On one side Im thinking "This is smart. Go ahead and get that EXP and money now. I cant hate..." On the other side Im thinking "leave it to a nigga to find a way to get out of going to college after our elders worked so hard for us to get in..." I could be wrong, though...

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The Week One...

FINALLY!!! Something to write about. All this time, the only thing thats been worth talking about was politics. And I refuse to talk about McPalin or O'Biden. But now... Now Bishop Weeks is getting a reality show to find a wife. Im thinking to myself "who in their right mind would be on a reality TV show with this man who is KNOWN to have smashed up his previous wife's face?!?" And then I thought about it. This is America; The home of the brave; the home of the free; the home of the Flavor Flav show... Right... If ther are three different sets of remotely attractive (and some VERY unattractive) women in this world who would kiss on this man, there are at least 5 different women in this world who would chase after this -Even if it is just for his status. But this isn't my issue with this man. My issue is the fact that this minister is making a mockery out of the sacred institution that God ordained; reducing it to a TV reality show was already bad, but having a minister co-sign on it is a little bit much for me. But maybe I'm wrong... Take a look here.