Saturday, June 21, 2008

Saturday June 21st - Alone at the Job

10:04 Not too long logged in at the job. No calls yet. Had to run down stairs to get this Pot Pie out of the microwave in the cafeteria. Gotta eat this mess from CVS since I cant leave the desk today. Kinda trash... Life without a break... It should taste ok though.

10:23 Its starting to sink in now. A couple calls outta the way and Im still alone. No. My co-worker isnt late again today. He's not coming...

10:39 Talking to relative about some computer stuff.

10:57 You know its getting bad when you start searching for stories online about the decline in the demand for oil and the decrease in price per barrel.

11:15 I gotta go to the bathroom... Dont know whether to leave the phone in available and sprint for it or shut down for 2 minutes to go do a number 1. Better not take the risk...

11:17 Im back. No harm done. Emails in the inbox. Customers askin for stuff. Fixed it. Replied. Done... Now go away. LOL!

11:33 Fighting depression. I wanna cry. Where is my girlfriend?!? Should I just call or text a random person?!? I dont wanna talk to most of these people in my phone but here comes lonely... and sleepy... Forget them all, though. Better take care of the business before this deadline.

12:15 Man, this clock is moving slow! No break today. No fresh air. Just the hum of my very dated desktop... slowly putting me to sleep... I could really do this from home... Save me some "$4 a gallon" gas. I do detest mondays, though. Hate them. Hate getting up earlier than usual... And I hate hearing coworkers laugh and joke while I get screamed at on the phone by a customer who doesnt understand that simple things become really complex when everything is broken.

12:27 Phone call.

12:35 Highlight of my morning. I get a phonecall asking about going on a double date. Probably to the movies she says. But there's a problem. The problem is with me. The problem is that last night went from being a "Hey, how about we chill at your house after I get off work for a lil bit and you drop me off at the train station afterwards? I can be home by 11" to its after 1am and I think I hear my phone buzzing on the couch... I better go... Will I still go out tonight? Dont know yet. A part of me wants to. The other part of me says, "If you dont sleep when you get home, gettin up at 6am tomorrow for church is gonna give you a small taste of hell before entering into the sanctuary. We'll see.

12:43 Bubble guts. Not good. Bathroom break.

12:47 Back in record time. Time usually flies after 1. Problem is... 1 aint here yet... I gotta get away for a second or else this day will take forever...

2:25 TELEPHONE!!! Wasnt too bad. Talked to my mother and got a call from my lady friend; it kinda sped time up a lil bit. Unfortunately, I still got another 2.5 hours. Three calls just came back to back. This better stop...

2:51 Replying back to people who personally emailed me days ago. The work has been taken care of. Some more calls came in. Its the same lady. Cant call it nit picking. She spent her money. But I have seen bigger issues. By the way... COME ON 3 O'CLOCK!!! What is taking so LOOOONNNGGGG?!?!?!?

3:43 I got the cotton mouth. Im sleepy. I wanna pass out. But now I got work to do. Not all that cool.

4:01 Just had to say somethin at this time. Its a benchmark moment for me. One more hour...

4:21 More people are calling me. Why?!?

4:33 Almost home. My work is done. Im tired of typing this... Im tired of reading this... Im gone... Just know that this will have a happy ending...

4:58 I have survived... Peace.