Thursday, December 28, 2006

Food Poisoning

I just seen something real disturbing. The FDA just approved products for sale by cloned animals. You finna be sucking down goats milk from a lab created titty. This is beyond processed food. I don't know what this is. I'm just kinda mad. These cheap bastards will do anything to make a dollar. I was just lookin at the negative effects of High Fructose Corn Syrup and how that stuff can start shuttin down ya insides. And that garbage is in everything that even remotely taste sweet. Its to the point where, if you wanna avoid it you're basically gonna have to grow ya own stuff in ya back yard and drink water alone for the rest of your life. It was absolutely rediculous. No cookies, no cakes, no pies. All the good stuff gone. Now they tryin to find a cheaper way to make meat. Listen to the end of that statement - "Make meat". Do you hear my tone? That is absolutely rediculous. I know we gotta lot of people on the earth and America is one of the most wasteful nations on the planet but come on... Making meat?!? You cannot be serious. I cant eat it and I know I aint the only one. Ima be eatin vegetables and drinking protein shakes for the rest of my life if they replace naturally reproduced farm animals with some lab created stuff for the sake of profits. These people will kill us all to make some extra pennies for themselves. They say money is the root of all evil..... Co-sign.

I could be wrong though.... Speak on it....

Thursday, December 7, 2006

Internal Affairs

I was at home today for a lil while longer than usual. I took a half day off of work. I deserved it. But after a while of getting my well needed rest and doing some other stuff I just don't have time to do, I found myself just sitting infront of my television flipping my channels to find something worth while. Well, while flipping my channels, I came accross a show called Greg. Now normally I would have kept it moving cause I dont generally watch shows that are named after the people who host them (for example: Maury, Jerry Springer, Oprah, Regis and Kelly), but I stopped at this one cause I saw this Asian lady who was talking about how she couldn't find love but was DESTROYING everybody who came into her path. The show set her up with a date with this guy and the guy realized immediately what type of party this lady had going on in her head but he tried his best to make the best out of a bad situation. He tried to reach out to her. They struck up a conversation and she asked about his parents, both of which were deceased, she says "Oh, you don't have to talk about if you don't want to" and he's like "No, its fine, I can talk about it." Then he proceeds to talk about it and she immediately cuts him off and starts talking about how good her food is. I mean, the guy didn't even get three words out of his mouth before she decided she didnt even wanna hear what he was saying. It was the nail in the coffin for an already bad night. And she's sitting on a barstool wondering why she can't find a good man. Crazy. They asked her why she was being so insensitive and she was just like "Well, I wasn't really listening to him at all anyway..." The lady was bitter and angry and unwilling to open up to anyone, but deep down inside she thought she was fine how she was.

I think its a lot of us out here now who walk around with our "eyes wide shut"; who have fail to "remove the rod from our own eye before trying to remove the splint out of someone elses". We as people need to stop being so judgemental, especially before we make sure we have ourselves together. I find it absolutely necessary to take a look inside every once in a while to make sure that I'm still on top of my game - to make sure that Im not behaving foolishly like our friend mentioned above. I don't think people do that enough. Many of the people I encounter are focused soley on themselves, with very little consideration for what may be happening in someone elses world. Im by no means saying to completely forget about treating yourself; its very important to have some "me" time, but me time shouldn't be all the time. I could be wrong though....

Tuesday, December 5, 2006


You know what? I wanna thank somebody today and I know he's been apart of many conversations recently so it might be a little overdone but.... I was in the shower this morning and got to thinking... I want to thank that white guy from Seinfield for saying what many of us Americans wanna say anyway but dont say it because its politically incorrect. I thought this display was horrific but beautiful at the same time. It was horrific because the things he said out of his mouth were absolutely terrible, but it was beautiful because the truth is beautiful. What this fella did was expose the mindset of many people who live among us today. And its not just white people, its everybody. Yes some minorities have more to deal with more than others but everybody got a lil prejudice in them.

(Side note: What is a "minority" anyway? I don't hear dark skinned people in France being called African-French. Why is it that we have African or Hispanic Americans?)

For example, lets take a look at some of the simple stereotypes that we have:

Black youth are lazy - they only aspire to rap, sing, or dance.

White people cant dance and are always looking for ways to "get over", and.....

Everybody else is here illegally.

People walk around with these mentalities everyday and it never gets dealt with. So we see one individual who exemplifies the behavior that comes into agreement with our mentalities and we say "See, I told you they act like that." We needed this comedian to expose the truth. The question is: Why did he have to do this in order for people to finally stand up and say the word Nigger needs to be abolished? Why is it socially accepted by african americans to use it? It doesn't matter if its used as a term of endearment or as a replacement for homeboy or whatever. The word is negative. People are negative. This new "snake in the grass" racism has existed too long without anything being done about it. Everybody may not like everybody else but we all know what is going on when underqualified people get promotions and "overqualified" people of a different race cant find a job. What is "overqualified"?!? Either you can do the job or you cant. Either you perform or you don't. Maybe I have it twisted up in my mind. Maybe there is such a thing as being too experienced at physics to be a college professor. Maybe its possible to have a previously worked as a chef at a 5 star restaurant and now that there are no jobs in your metropolitan area, you are too experienced to flip burgers at McDonolds. I say its some BS but I could be wrong.

At the end of the day, I dont like what that fella from that extremely boring and corny sitcom show said, but the truth of the matter is that he didn't say anything different than what 50 million people were already thinking anyway. Yes, it was wrong for him to say it but I think it was a "necessary evil" to open America's eyes to the fact that racism never died - It just changed clothes. Thanks white Guy.

Saturday, December 2, 2006

I lie because I care

The other day I decided that I didnt really care for people all that much. I came to the conclusion that 75% of people are full of hell and everybody got a little "trife" in them. In fact, the number might be closer to 95%. Part of this conclusion came from the customers I deal with on a daily basis. Everybody is lying and scheming to get over. We record every call. We tell them that and they STILL try to get over.

I had lunch with a couple co-workers of mine. We were talking about pet peeves and dishonesty was brought up. One of them was openly honest and said that they lie to the people they care about to preserve their feelings and they tell the truth to those people, no matter how blunt, that they can do without. I started thinking, part of that makes sense but.... If someone is lying to me I cant think "Oh.... well thats cool cause they just didnt wanna hurt my feelins so I appreciate that lie." Get the heck outta here. Are you serious? I dont feel that but niggas rationalize their lies like that all the time rather than just bein straight up and being like "I dont like it" or "Im not really feeling that." Yeah, its gonna hurt that person but you gotta respect honesty over that lie.

I know I've done some people wrong, but Im big enough to admit it. Ive been deceitful and misled some people to believing things that weren't true. Not necessarily lying, but witholding some of the truth. I understand that how I act sometimes aint right and Im trying to do better. One thing Ive learned over time is that you cant keep apologizing to someone for your mistakes. After a while they'll become numb to it and the apologies wont mean anything. I cant do it.