Tuesday, February 27, 2007

25 to life

So Im lookin at the news the other day and I see how they are talkin about this Brian Nichols character. After realizing that they were talking about his trial I asked myself a question. I said to myself "Why is this guy getting a trial?!?" I honestly don't know how anybody can honestly say anything other than guilty when dealing with this case. They were in the court when it happened, they have several eye witnesses AND they got him on tape in the courthouse. Im sorry if I got it twisted, but what other evidence do you need to convict someone these days. There is no way possible that this jury can have any reasonable doubt. None. So you know exactly which approach the defense is going to have - insanity. Im sorry but if he gets anything less than life, which would actually be a blessing, I am going to have to lose all respect for our justice system. What our system needs to do is start contracting the prisons of other countries' governments. Other countries have REAL prison. It aint no basketball, no exercise, no "fun in the sun" with free food and cable. From what I've seen on tv and stuff, their prisons are HELL. On some serious, "we're not sure if we're gonna eat today" type prison. Yeah... I hear its dangerous on the inside of our prison because of other inmates who are dangerous, but our system itself is a little bit too lenient. Let somebody get shipped off to China or Mexico or somethin for about 4 months after doing an armed robbery and see wont that be the last time they every commit that crime. People be doin silly stuff in America cause they know the consequences are basically little to none. Things would change if people started getting life for having weed in their luggage like that lady did a few years ago in Bali. I could be wrong, though...

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Where's the love?

Piggybacking off of Down for the Struggle... Over the past few years Ive learned that the only thing that prevents a relationship from being successful is lack of maturity. You see, when two whole with identities people get together, after a thorough interview, there should be absolutely no reason to break up. None. A mature person will recognize red flags of the individual in mind before they get together. There wont be a lot of make-up to break-up type stuff happening - no 3 month relationships - no cheating. Why? Because a mature person has good idea of who they are, who they aren't, what they want, and what they need.

Ive learned a lot about people simply by looking at other people's situations. Watching people who get in viscious cycles of off and on relationships or are notorious for having a high level of rotation; people who I say have the "revolving door" syndrome. Off and on relationships are emotionally taxing and the "revolving door" syndrome is dangerous cause somebody is gonna get seriously attached and may not want to accept the idea of being left alone for somebody else (read: stalker)

This past year I saw people break up who I thought woulda been together forever, I saw people together who I aint ever think woulda got together, I saw people work the off and on like a shorted out light switch, and Ive been apart of a revolving door as well as set up one of my own. I even heard a story from a guy I know who said that when he was younger, he moved in with his girlfriend of several years and, while he was at work, she started "tricking" and then left him for some other girls. And yes.... I did say "SOME other GIRLS". The cycle is viscious but it can be stopped. It can be stopped with maturity and the development of an identity. Maturity can stop you from indulging in extra curricular activities with people who are not your significant other. It will aid in the discipline needed to stay with somebody even though you see some "greener grass." It will also help you recognize exactly the things that you need before you get envolved too deep and have to end up making a decision. I haven't seen any other reason to break up. Well, maybe finances. But for the most part maturity can solve a lot of issues that cancel out our relationships. I could be wrong, though.....

Thursday, February 15, 2007


So Im lookin at this website right. And Im sayin to myself, "Why is Evander Holyfield still trying to fight at 44?" Maybe he needs money. I dont know. But what I do know is, if he dont sit down somewhere soon he'll end up like his homeboy Ali - Prolly not even able to piss good cause he shakin so much. These professional athletes need to know when to sit down before they end up having to get put down. What is it that makes a 44 year old man think he's the million dollar baby all over again? - He is WELL out of his prime. Yeah.... Dont know what he's doing.

Meanwhile, on another website there's this story about a guy from the NBA who has come out and said that he hates gay people. Yeah, he messed up. They asked him what he thought about that John Amechi(sp) fella coming out of the closet and he said on live radio that he hates them and "would ask the organization to remove that player from the team" if he were playing with a homosexual. He said that he was homophobic. Needless to say he got removed from all of his scheduled appearances as a representative of the NBA. Yeah.... He messed up. So Tim Hardaway comes back on the radio a few days later and tries to apologize for what he said. Damage done. Sorta like Magic Johnson being diagnosed with HIV, having the disease disappear and later it coming out that there is a great chance that he was falsely diagnosed. Yeah, that kinda forced him into early retirement.... cant get those years back. Damage done. Here's what I would of said if they would have ask me about that guy. "......." Yep. I wouldn't have said nothin. They woulda never asked me on the radio station again cause I would have acted like I never heard anything they said. The most I would have said was "Thats his choice." There would have been silence after that. There is no right answer for someone asking you what you think about somebody else being gay. Do you know why? Because if you are a sports reporter like Tim Hardaway and feel the way he did, the only way you dont lose your job is to be "politically correct" and saying something to the effect of "Im happy with whatever decisions he makes with his life as long as he is happy". But, as a result, you lie and you deny yourself and how you really feel. And maybe Im wrong, but doesn't that defeat the purpose of asking someone their opinion if they can only give one answer anyway? That question was a trap. He was ignorant and he fell for it. He did say somethin that was true, though. If everyone else is heterosexual and uncomfortable with this guy being gay, it just may blow up the team chemistry to have this dude checkin you out when yall in the shower together. I cant give Tim any advice, I cant make any excuses for him, I cant change his mind. What I can say is, if you're gonna say you hate someone, have a better reason for speaking that out than just having a phobia - in fact dont hate anyone. Crazy....

Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Down for the Struggle

I was lookin at some writing on ajc.com a while ago and they were talkin about how people are choosing to be single now for longer and stuff like that. It was a lot dudes on there whinin like females talkin bout how "the system isn't set up for men because if there is ever a need for a divorce, the woman ALWAYS comes out on top" and stuff like that. They were askin questions like "Why is it that a woman can get child support when they get custody of the children while, if by some miracle, a man can get custody of the child they dont get that same luxury" Yeah.... Thats some real B**** nigga S*** but a very valid point none the less. I say all this to say, it seemed to be more bitter men than there was females. There were a few females calling it "modern day slavery" and stuff like that but, for the most part, there weren't a lot of angry women saying they never wanted to get married and all men are dogs, etc. So I started thinking, maybe marriage is about to come back in style. Maybe men are deciding to slow down a little bit. For a while now it seemed like the climate was moving more toward having a "life partner" and "shacking up" for a while and then getting tired of that person and moving on. But Im starting to feel like the temperature is changing once again. Mainly due to the fact that niggas are struggling. You see, from what I've read on that blog, many people were attributing the fall of marriage to the success of women in the business world. What I mean by that is that they say the more successful women became, the less tolerant they became of males - developing the "I can do bad all by myself" mentality. But now..... Now it looks like things are about to shift back to the way they were. I see a lot of people graduating from college with nothing to do but to go back to school or take some extra regular job doing something that had absolutely nothing to do with the degree they have. This leads me to believe that maybe, just maybe, people may be starting to forget this "single forever" type mentality - that just maybe people will start being a little more tolerant of each others flaws in order to make a relationship extend for more than a couple years.

God taught me a lot this pass year. And one thing I learned is that the only things that can break up a relationship are immaturity and insecurity. Those are the only two things. An immature person lacks the self control needed to keep them away from taking part in pleasure seeking activities outside of the relationship. This includes, not only sex, but also the need for attention from the opposite sex; the need to excessively flirt, etc. These other needs typically stem from the immature person not being completely satisfied with themselves, which leads us to the insecurity I spoke of. Most of the time insecurity will show in the form of the persons need to be in control, jealousness, the need for complements from the significant other to keep their SELF-esteem up, etc.

A person who is truely ready for a relationship has to first be happy alone. They have to be a whole person. You cant have two halves and try to make a whole. Most people I know arent complete or content. Some of them dont have identities at all. So they continue in a viscious cycle of rotating people in and out of their lives that they know they know they wont be with in six weeks. Up until now I couldn't honestly say that I could be happy alone - able to say to myself "If I never get into another serious relationship, Ima be alright". I didnt realized that I was in a cycle until my sister ask me why I had been with so many girls last year that I knew I had no future with and I couldnt really answer her.... Until now. It was immaturity. A need to flirt and get a women to like me even though I may not have really cared too much for them - for the sole purpose of stroking my ego. Just to say "I got such and such and she dot dot dot." It made me indecisive in some cases cause I aint know why I was involved with certain people or what direction I wanted to go with it. So I became David Copperfield and disappeared. Now that Ive grew up a lil bit and dont behave as foolishly, I can say that a great part of me is ready. Time will tell...

I think that if more people become aware of their own flaws and more tolerent of other people's flaws (as I predict will happen) it wont be long before the family comes back. I could be wrong, but Im still putting in my order...

Saturday, February 3, 2007

The End of "A Man"

I was just watchin somethin on television and they were talkin about somethin called "Asimo". Now, Asimo is a robot that has been programmed to learn. The goal of these scientist is to one day have these robots advanced enought to cook and clean and other stuff like that. My question is, where is the line drawn? If these robots get really advanced to the point where they can fill all the positions at Mcdonalds with Asimos, how will young teenagers enter the work force? The people in the world could become so lazy since a robot will be doing everything that people just may become obsolete. And dont tell me McDonalds wouldn't do it. The would replace everybody as quickly as humanly possible. Why, you ask?!? The root of all evil - money. You can hire one lazy, pimple faced teenager who doesnt want to be there, give him benefits, a lunch break, and free food (which they would probably steal anyway) OR you can have a robot who doesnt need to eat, drink or sleep - never gets tired and can work all night if you want him to with no break. Yeah... Im takin the robot. He saves me money. Meanwhile, Little Ricky Bobby over here cant get a job, he doesnt know what a honest days work is because he never had to do chores, and only manages to lift his lard up to walk to the bathroom to take a piss. But who knows, by then we might even have a robot to put a suction cup on our privates so we wont even have to get up to do that.

OK so let me be a scientist for a day. I got a couple choices on what to do with my life. I can either: A)Find a cure for aids (or atleast HPV) so people can stop suffering with these man made illnesses OR I can B)build a robot so I wont have to rely on my kid to find the remote for me so I can change the TV channel. I think I'll go with B. It'll ease my conscious if I tell myself these robots will be able to help out in surgery. Plus, having a robot cook for me is so much more baller than lookin at a disease all day. Wear a condom.


So now what we have is the most sorry bunches of people on the planet getting even sorrier, the rich continuing to get richer, the dumb gettin dumber, the lazy getting lazier, and the working class citizen - who is keeping this economy from completely collapsing - being destroyed. NOT baller. But I do have some good news, atleast you can still save a lot of money by switching to Geico. Cause you'll always need car insurance.....